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Things really begin to click for you when you can settle on actions you will take every day to build your brand and promote yourself online. The most important social media asset you have is your blog, because you can maintain total control of the content, and it’s just natural to be consistent when you are writing and shooting video about your passion.


In earlier chapters of this article we have examined some routines that top earners use to establish themselves online, and social media plays a big part in what we do. The blog is the heart of your social media plan, so it’s the first part to master.

When you first start blogging you tend to look at the project all backwards because you will probably start by making your home page, then some important pages and then start making posts.

So that’s the way you tend to think about your blog, but it’s not what your viewers will experience. As time goes by your posts will show up in search and when you share on other social channels you will share – the post.

People will first come in contact with your blog through one of your posts, something that interests them enough to come take a look. They are working your blog backwards from the way you build it.

Visitors See Your Blog Differently Than You Do

Visitors See Your Blog Differently Than You Do

It’s important to realize how this works because hopefully you are posting on purpose for profit. With every post you need to be sure that your viewers can navigate to the important parts of your blog from the post where they originally land.

Bear in mind that most people who stay on your blog for any time at all will likely view the “home” page and the “about” page if they can easily find it. In our industry we want to take full advantage of this because the most important thing we can do is:

  • Capture their name and email and give them something of value
  • Use the time they spend on our blog to build know, like and trust

This is why it’s important to write blog posts that are interesting to our target market and help solve their problems. The article should be well written enough that they want to know more about us and will visit these other pages.

When we get their name and email and give them something in return, it’s a good time to give much more than our prospect expected to get. The more value we can provide the more we will stand out from other marketers who are just out for a quick buck.

In our industry it’s important to stand out and be someone who can truly connect with our people. There are plenty of scammy sites out there and we will immediately be seen as different if we are genuine.

I visit with many home business people through social media that tell me they are interested in making videos but just haven’t gotten started yet. My advice – start now. It’s not nearly as scary as you may think and there is absolutely no better way to connect with your tribe.

Embed these videos on your blog and upload them to your favorite social media channels, do it consistently and keep your finger on the pulse of what your audience wants to know.

Ken Heistand - Author

Ken Heistand – Author



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