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Social Media Marketing Weekly Plan

Deciding what business model most excites you and putting it into profit are certainly two different things, and probably what most home business owners get tripped up on. Since 96% of those starting a home business this year will fail, it really pays to take a close look at why it happens and what you can do to avoid this happening to you.

So far in the earlier chapters of this article we have summarized some critical decisions and actions that you must take if you want to get your business off on the right foot. Here’s a recap:

  • Look around the Internet using social media to find a biz that most excites you
  • Identify the leading professionals who are doing what you want to do
  • Follow them through social channels and see what they are doing
  • Find specific offers that are like what you want to have and model them
  • Create your business plan around things that are already proven to work

If you need to get a better handle on some of these concepts just follow through my links to previous chapters of this article and get up to speed.

Now it’s time to take action on your own business plan by working consistently toward your desired end results. Not surprisingly, I’m going to suggest you use the same social media channels to promote your offer that you have found other professionals using in your niche.

The following weekly business plan I am sharing here is attributed to Lisa Torres, a member of a group of professional online marketers that I learn from regularly. I use this same model myself and since there have been so many of us that have had great results using it, there is no reason to dispute how well it works.

The Weekly Home Online Business Plan Used By Top Earners

First you must understand that there is only one asset that you truly own and control on the Internet, and that is your blog ( most especially a self hosted blog ). This will be your central hub of all your online presence and where you will share information in depth that will attract people to you.

Lisa Torres Suggests This Daily Routine ( What I Use)

Lisa Torres Suggests This Daily Routine ( What I Use)

The Funnel You Create Goes Here

So, we make blog posts – consistently, and then we share them out on the social media channels that we think will work best for our niche. These posts should address our prospects highest concerns and provide answers to problems they want to solve.

Lisa Uses A Specific Weekly Routine To Create Your Branding Web

Lisa Uses A Specific Weekly Routine To Create Your Branding Web

The social media posts reach far and wide, attracting prospects to come to our blog and find out more. On the post we solve their problems with good, sound advice and offer tools, systems and info products that will help them on their way.

We always use “lead bait”, something of value that we can give them for free or little cost that will solve a problem for them. In return we want their best email address so we can continue the conversation once they leave our website.

Remember how we did the funnel hacking? If we did our job right we have created a funnel modeled after other successful ones that will turn some of these new visitors into sales. Our new leads enter into this sales funnel and some turn into buyers.

The rest of the visitors just need more time and a chance to get to know us better. There are lots of ways to continue the relationship, like these methods:

  • Email list of subscribers to your lead bait
  • Facebook retargeting ads to website visitors
  • RSS feed to those who subscribe
  • YouTube retargeting with video ads
  • YouTube channel subscribes receive updates on new vids
  • Pinterest pins
  • Instagram followers
  • Twitter followers
  • SnapChat followers

Just to name some of the most prominent social channels. In the end your blog posts should be showing up everywhere your prospects hang out, and if you have followed the method outlined in these article chapters you already know where they are.

Ken Heistand - Author

Ken Heistand – Author




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