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You may have heard that using analytics is a must for tweaking your efforts while building your website, but have you thought about using these tools before you even start? There are plenty of ways to find out if what you want to do will work before you even spend a penny on it.

Use Facebook Audience Insights Before You Start

Use Facebook Audience Insights Before You Start

Facebook Audience Insights is a great way to find out niches that are really popular on social media, and is an online marketer’s best friend when investigating a idea. Best of all it is FREE, and is available in your Ads Manager in Facebook. Audience Insights, like the name suggests, gives you a good look at a specific target market prior to making any kind of financial investment.

For example, if you were searching about people that are interested in aromatherapy, you could research in Facebook Audience Insights and see information like the percentage of males vs females that have that interest, their ages, where they are from, income level, other interests, among other comprehensive information you could not obtain anywhere else.

Facebook Graph Search is a great example of how totally flaky facebook can be. You will find articles still about using graph search, and it was a good feature to find people interested in like things, but facebook just turned it off one day. If you hear people talking about graph search, just know that you will want to use Audience Insights instead.

One resource you will want to bookmark and use often is SimilarWeb. You can enter the website url of a major competitor’s website and see all the analytics of the site, including the kinds of people that visit the site and where they get most of their traffic.

This is great for funnel hacking – once you know where the person you want to model is selling their products you can find out exactly what kind of people buy from them and where they get most of their traffic from.

Utilizing SurveyMonkey, you can produce totally free surveys to get responses on your business idea from people on social media. Obtaining such information can be a crucial step in establishing whether individuals want to pay to fix their troubles – or not.

Think about this – you have an idea and don’t know for sure if it will really work. So, set up a survey and run a pay per click campaign on Google Adwords, sending targeted traffic to the survey. Offer them something free for taking the survey and ask them questions that will help you find out if what you want to do will actually pay off.

A few dollars spent on an adwords campaign could save you a lot of time and wasted effort if it doesn’t look like it might pan out, and if it looks good you will know just what direction to go.

By combining these information sources you can zero in on just what part of your interest can be monetized before you jump in with both feet. When you go after a certain type of people with the content you will produce, it’s best to go after those who will either join or buy.

By doing your homework first you can start a new home business venture that will pay right from day one. The difference between an online business and a hobby is that your home business will make you a profit.

Ken Heistand - Author

Ken Heistand – Author


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