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You’ve probably seen Russell’s ad on Facebook offering his book Dotcom Secrets for free plus shipping, and I’m one of the buyers who keeps this book handy right next to my computer. In this article I’ll share the highlights from his book and encourage you to get a copy for yourself.

There are a lot of people teaching how to make money online, build your brand and develop a team using social media, and some of them really do know what they are talking about. But there aren’t very many of them that hold a candle to Russell and the success he has achieved – and the methods he teaches today.

What’s In The Book?

The book is just a recap of everything Russell has done in his business that has added to his success and shows exactly how he designs his businesses today. I ran across the featured video in this article and thought it was an excellent opportunity to share with those who do not have his book yet, and comment on what he teaches.

So let’s get started. In the rest of this article I’ll share my notes from the above video and give you tiimestamps along the way so you can go back in and review the most important parts for yourself.

And What’s In The Movie?

5:40 There is so many different ways to make money online these days that it almost makes you dizzy to think that you need to understand all these methods. Russell, however has refined his method to just a few simple strategies that work in any market.

6:30 Like most of us Russell spent a lot of years trying different things to find out what would work, and wishes now that someone had just set him down and said “Look, this is what you need to do if you want to have success.

The Overall Strategy Of Dotcom Secrets

The Overall Strategy Of Dotcom Secrets

7:15 Most people build their businesses the wrong way right from the start because they focus on a good idea they have without researching who will be interested – if anyone at all. A better way is to figure out who you want to serve and find out where they hang out.

14:29 Once you find out who your perfect client is, what they are like and where lot’s of these people hang out, then you need to figure out what gets them excited. Can you create an offer that is something that they MUST have?

18:11 After you have created a good lead bait that will attract only the people you really want to work with, it’s time to figure out what is the result that you want to help them achieve.

24:44 Instead of starting with selling you should use your plan to create success for a client. Then you can get their story and use that as your sales tool.

27:50 Russell spends some time sharing a testimonial he captured and goes into detail about how to properly capture a testimonial for your product.

Most People Do This All Wrong And Get A Testimonial They Can't Use

Most People Do This All Wrong And Get A Testimonial They Can’t Use

39:20 Russell uses what he calls the “3 Core Funnels” after he gets some testimonials recorded, and he goes over these best converting tools here.

Master These Sales Funnels First

Master These Sales Funnels First

51:20 Funnel Hacking – this is my favorite concept that Russell teaches. It’s not necessarily his own concept, but he has used it to perfection. Instead of developing great ideas you have that no one else it doing, just find out what others do that works and model it for your own product.

Clickbank Is A Marketers Best Tool

Clickbank Is A Marketers Best Tool

If you don’t spend much time on any of the rest of the video, be sure you digest this information on funnel hacking.

57:00 Some of the best funnels can be found on Clickbank. It’s a great place to affiliate and also do some funnel hacking on sales processes that are proven to work.

1:03:30 Russell goes over how his ClickFunnel product works, which takes the headaches out of building the pages you need to create your own sales funnels.

If you are like me you have seen a lot of people teaching webinars and selling trainings about how to make money online, but with most of them the number one problem is that you just get part of the story, so you have to try to figure out the rest.

dotcom secretsThat’s not the case with Dotcom Secrets, Russell Brunson’s book that you can get for free and pay the shipping. I will confide, however, that his sales funnel works great because as I worked my way though this offers I found several other things that I simply had to add on to my purchase ( none of which I regret, I promise).

So now this book lays on my desk right next to my computer and as I create my content I am constantly thinking about how I can work his strategies into my own content. I strongly recommend that you take advantage of Russell Brunson’s offer when you see it.

Ken Heistand - Author

Ken Heistand – Author


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