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The whole object of taking your home business online is to carve out a spot that defines who you are and what you stand for. The best and fastest way to get this done is to dominate the best social media channels for your niche.

What does “dominate” mean? I’m sure you are a lot like me, in that you have social platforms that you like best and you spend quite a bit of time there. Now that we have smart phones it’s common to check in several times a day to see what’s going on.

You probably have several friends on there that are also in a home business of some kind, and you probably know about it because they put up posts that show their product lines or talk about how much money they are making ( gag !! ).

When people post this kind of stuff constantly it just screams out “I’m an amateur and this is the only way I know to promote myself online”. We do see this a lot and this kind of behavior does not do a thing to help us build a brand or an online business.

So in order to dominate you simply need to stand out as someone who gives value to your target audience without always selling or promoting. By following the steps in the previous chapters of this article and providing value to the market place you will find yourself among the few people online in your niche who are viewed as professionals.

What Should You Share?

No matter what you are doing online for a business, if you have followed the steps outlined so far there are others ahead of you who are successful already in your niche. They leave clues about what it is that got them where they are and you will want to follow the bread crumbs.

Invest, Learn, Teach

Invest, Learn, Teach

They likely have an email list you should optin to where you will get their newsletter. If you visit their website you’ll see retargeting ads in Facebook and YouTube and it will be even easier to keep track of what they are doing and where they are going.

I’d like to share a concept taught by Ray Higdon call ILT ( Invest, Learn, Teach). Ray has built a fantastic online business using this principle and he still promotes using it today. Here’s how it works:

  • Invest – attend webinars, buy training in your niche, go to events and read blog posts by professionals in your group. You should always be learning the cutting edge of your niche.
  • Learn – Take detailed notes as you go because all this information is your best asset. Learn to use screen capture and notepad as you view webinars and take the time to seriously study any training programs you buy.
  • Teach – Use what you have learned and glean from your notes to provide value to the market place. Make regular blog posts and share on social media. Upload videos to YouTube, Facebook and other video sharing sites. Reach out to your target audience with value.

Know your niche inside and out and don’t be shy about sharing what you know. Share your posts socially, in groups and in forums. Encourage people to reach out and ask questions about hot topics, then do your best to solve the problem for them.

The #1 Most Important Trait For Boss Status

There are a couple of ways to look at building your blog, and as we have already stated your blog is the central hub of your online presence and all your social sharing should lead prospects back to your blog.

Ray Higdon is a top earner in the “online marketing, home business and network marketing online” space. When he decided to take his business to the Internet he put up his blog and just started writing and shooting videos about the things that interested his audience the most.

YOU Are The Boss

YOU Are The Boss

Day after day he posted new articles and in time his blog became the most prominent in his market and made him one of the top “go to” people in the industry. Thousands of people look forward every day for Ray’s newest post.

Rob Fore is also a top earner and has built several six figure businesses over a few years, and uses blogging as his number one asset. Rob, however, blogs totally different than Ray. Rob uses a very systematic method that is based on popular keywords and very organized and pre-planned posts.

Rob Fore and Ray Higdon have built their business, online marketing through blogging, in about the same time frame, and yet their methods are totally different. I’ve seen them on the same webinar together talking about their ideas and answering questions for attendees.

There is one common component, though that both bloggers share – and that is consistency. They both are very diligent to provide value to their audience day after day, week after week.

In Ray’s world the plan is simple – you simply work your business UNTIL…. never stop, never quit and keep plugging along.

In Rob’s world you lay out the whole plan for your blog in advance. You know everything you are going to post in advance and where it fits into the whole. Once you develop the plan then you simply turn on the machine and let it take care of itself.

The point is that it’s OK to develop your own style. It should be based on strategies that are already proven to work and modeled after someone who is already successful in your niche, but it’s going to have your personality that makes it unique.

But the most important thing that you can do to become a boss in your own niche and stand out as an online professional is to share value CONSISTENTLY. Get on a schedule, even if it’s working part time and doing some every week, and just keep going with regular action.

You’ll look like a boss online, you’ll feel like a boss and you will earn the rewards that come your way.

Ken Heistand - Author

Ken Heistand – Author





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