Truth Is – I’ve been in business all my life!

Even at my age, I knew I was busted ! The deal was that if I turned in pieces of glass and nails that I picked up around the place, I got a nickel apiece. My grand parents had started the practice and I had talked my parents into investing in our place by employing my sharp eye to keep things safe around there. 

I found several dangerous looking sharps along the drive and could see that this could end up being a very profitable venture. Problem was, there was a limited supply of nasty looking pointy things, and I needed a breakthrough.

Just down the road was the old abandoned train station where I played many afternoons, and it didn’t take me long to put together a plan. Toting an old coffee can with me, I found lots of great nails and glass around the roofless structure.

I hid up my treasure and began just turning in a few items every day, and watched my piggy bank sag with the burden of nickels.

Then is when it happened. My little sister was watching when I tapped the stash and immediately reported me to the authorities.

I knew when Mom asked me where I was getting all those nails that something was amiss. And that’s when my sister piped up and told Mom where to look for the mega can of doom.

Needless to say that was the end of my money making business and also my reputation as an upstanding citizen around the house.

It took me quite a while to get my mojo back, and I learned that honesty is the best policy, an attribute that has served me well for many years.

I started young at about 6 years old raising rabbits and trapping in the winter for furs, picking blackberries in the summer for cash. It all seemed pretty natural – I grew up in farming country in rural Kansas, and all kids learned to work early.

Chapter 2 – The Adventures Of Youth


My folks moved when I was 11 and I went to work for 3 old men who were our neighbors; Elam was splitting up property, so I learned how to layout property lines, plant trees, and the odd jobs, like split his firewood and dig a few ditches.

Coy owned a flea market, so I cleaned up around there and organized the junk. Charlie worked there, too, fixing tools and other stuff, so he taught me how to put in a handle, cut glass, do plumbing and other important skills. My dad was an electrician, so I built some pretty cool projects in high school.

Soon after I married my wife, Beverly, we bought a Mexican restaurant and ran it until we were completely broke, and I went back to work to pay off the IRS while Bev raised our two kids. Not long after I met an old guy who taught me about real estate. I bought some rentals and eventually a large mobile home park and ran that business for about 10 years.

During this time I also did some construction contracting, built up a recycling business and ran my own trucking company. So I have had quite a bit of experience in the world of physical businesses. Through it all I came to understand and love network marketing and direct sales, and represented quite a few business opportunities along the way.

Chapter 3 – The Attraction Of The Internet

This adventure is about working from home, part time and putting a business plan into action using the Internet. After so many years of running physically challenging businesses, and getting old enough to feel it at the end of the day, I really like the idea of a virtual business.

I’ve really enjoyed the change, but I’ve seen a disturbing trend in our industry. It seems that many people who want to make money from home, using the Internet and Social Media, blogging, creating videos and podcasts have no real business plan whatsoever.

This was shocking to me since I would have never succeeded in any of my physical businesses without a solid business plan, and running a home business on the Internet is no different.

With the articles and videos on this blog I want to contribute to the work at home business industry by sharing what you need to know in order to run your business – like a business.

Although there are several ways you can approach this you must have a good solid plan in order to make each day count and work your way toward profitability.

Now, just to make home business with the Internet even more attractive it turns out that you can almost completely run your business with your cell phone. This leaves you free to do the things you want while taking care of business chores on the run. 

I’ve created a training video all about it and I’d like you to have a copy – FREE. Just take a look at my home page and sign up to get your copy delivered immediately – and get instant lifetime access.

The pages of this blog are filled with nuggets designed to help all those who want to truly make a good living using online methods cut through the fluff and get right down to understanding the facts and enabling them to put these methods to work.

From The Ken Heistand Family – Enjoy – And Godspeed In Your Business