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Live Streaming Video has come into it’s own recently with apps like Meerkat, Periscope and now Facebook giving us ways to reach our audience at will. It’s like having your own TV station at your finger tips to connect with your fans.

Facebook Live And Livestream

There are two options that we’ll cover right now in this article. Facebook Live is being rolled out for smartphone users, and Facebook Livestream is available for those using PC’s and desktops.

Here’s how Live for smartphones works:

Google Led The Way

Google has led the way quite some time ago with Hangouts and YouTube live video options, and many of us have already been using these platforms to share training and meet with clients and prospects online.

It’s just like being in your living room or across the kitchen table with others who share your same passions or want to learn what you know.

With more live streaming video options there has never been a better time to build your home business and take advantage of the most important use of your time – talking to people about your business.

Facebook Live For Ios And Android

Live streaming on Facebook has been in test mode recently with access only originally for celebrities. After a few months of testing it has been released to many users, and eventually to all.

This is a real big step for those of us who want to learn ways to use our cell phone to run our home business. This app will allow business owners to stream video live anywhere they have a good enough connection.

It’s very simple to use; the app installs easily and starting a live stream video is a snap. At the time of this article the length limit for your video stream is 30 minutes.

How To Access Facebook Live

How To Access Facebook Live

Facebook Livestream For All Devices [ Including PC’s]

In tinkering with ways to make live streaming work Facebook has developed an app that can be used on your Fanpage.

As you probably have seen I highly recommend all serious home business owners to have at least one fanpage, since that allows us to promote ourselves within the terms of service guidelines.

By installing the Livestream app on your page you will have another tab where your live videos will reside. They will post to your timeline when complete and will be added to the gallery in your livestream tab.

Either Way You Do It – The Reward Is Engagement

No matter which version of this app you use you will be able to invite Facebook friends to attend your video stream where they can interact with you in real time. This is great for Q&A sessions and training.

Once the video posts to your timeline you can go back and reply to comments and put links in the comment box to guide your followers to learn more. Every time there is new engagement the post moves back to the top of your timeline for max exposure.

Why Should You Use Facebook Live Or Livesteam?

It’s already a proven fact through the use of Google Hangouts that live video is very popular and engaging. You can build know, like and trust faster with live video than with any other online method.

Don't Think About It Too Long

Don’t Think About It Too Long

This platform on Facebook now gives us a way to reach a whole other bunch of people and invite them to follow us on several different media.

Think about this:

You are planning to do a webinar later in the month promoting your business and you need to know more about what people really want in order to make the best use of your time.

So you do several Facebook Livestreams where you discuss aspects of your upcoming training and get input from your followers in advance.

You also can create curiosity and give them a reason to attend your webinar live when it airs. More attendance means more sales.

How Can I Get Facebook Live Or Facebook Livestream?

At the time of this article writing the biggest difference between Live and Livestream is that Live is being rolled out for IPhone and Android users, where Livestream is available to users of PC’s and Desktops also.

Live is just now being rolled out and you will see an invite pop up on your phone. You must have your Facebook page verified in order for it to be activated, and you have to apply for activation. In the mean time, just wait for them to get you hooked up.

Livestream is readily available at this point and is connected to one of your Facebook fanpages. If you haven’t already created a fanpage for your home business, it’s time to get that done.

While logged into your Facebook account open a new tab and go to this page.

Give Your Permission

Give Your Permission

Pick Your Fanpage To Install

Pick Your Fanpage To Install

You Are Now Ready To Livestream From Your Facebook Fanpage

You Are Now Ready To Livestream From Your Facebook Fanpage

You are now ready to livestream video from your Facebook fanpage.

How To Use Facebook Live And Livestream

It’s time to get busy now. Just remember that Facebook is a social platform and when you stream video the rules are no different.

Use your streaming time to build relationships, ask questions that will help you create good content, and provide training and tips that will help your audience.

Facebook Live For Smartphone Users

Facebook Live For Smartphone Users

Here are some important suggestions that will help you make the most of your Livestream videos:

  • Tell your friends ahead of time you are going to broadcast
  • Ask viewers to subscribe to receive notifications when you go live
  • Write a compelling description before going live
  • Go live when you have a strong connection
  • Say “hello” to your fans by name and respond to their comments live
  • If you lose connection while you are live, find a place with a better signal
  • Broadcast for longer periods of time to reach more fans
  • Be creative and go live often

read more: https://www.facebook.com/facebookmedia/best-practices/live

Using Facebook Live and Livestream consistently will be a great way for us as home business owners to connect with our audience and be sure we are putting out the kind of content that they want from us. The word is USE IT !

Ken Heistand - Author

Ken Heistand – Author




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