Welcome To Ken Heistand’s Website

There are just two things really that you will need to kick your home business into high gear, and this is the time to do it:

  1. A good, solid business plan
  2. People to talk to so you can get things moving

The pages on this site are dedicated to you and your business, and of course, your success.

Why Online Marketing 

As you will see in my About [My Story] page I have enjoyed quite a lot of physical businesses so far in my life, and I really love Internet Marketing.

But there’s a problem; too many home business people have no real plan of action – just dreams and wishes – which won’t take you on vacation by themselves.

A Real Business Plan

So the best way to fix that problem is to establish a rock solid business plan with a time stamp on it. 

That’s why I recommend starting with the 100 Days To Success training video.

You’ll love it, and I bet it will drop your jaw.

Then We Should Talk

If you like the idea of getting up and working on a business that has a real future, knowing exactly what you will do every day to keep moving forward







Ken Heistand